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Whether you are in a high-tech R&D lab, or a sophisticated machine shop, it is imperative that the airborne abrasive be contained and captured. The Texas Airsonics’ work chamber series provides this solution. All models are complete with fluorescent work light, tempered safety glass window covered access, removable grate and 3” rear exhaust port.
Workchamber Series
• Ideal for containment of
• Available in 4 sizes
Workstation Series
• Workchamber and SpiroFeed™
Delivery System in one unit
• Available in 2 sizes
• Available with optional 2nd
Powder Chamber
The Workchamber Series provides the ideal work space for performing routine abrasive jet machining tasks. The Model A Workchamber includes built-in suction and dust collection, while the other models benefit from the optional Ultra-Quiet Dust Collector.
The Workstation Series improves upon the Workchamber Series by adding a fully integrated SpiroFeed™ Powder Delivery System and controls. This all in one package is the ultimate in convenience and a great space saver.
The Ultra-Quiet Dust Collector provides high volume, low noise dust collection for use with Work Chambers and Work Stations, and features built-in reliable and cost-efficient filtration, efficiencies of 99.9%, easy filter cleaning, and a quick access dust drawer.